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Torrance Memorial Medical Center wanted to create a print publication that would engage and educate seniors in the South Bay Area about healthy living. The publication, called Advantage, would need to stand out in a crowded market and provide valuable information to its readers, who number over 100,000. Torrance Memorial partnered with Vincent Rios Creative to design and publish the newsletter.


Vincent Rios Creative worked closely with Torrance Memorial to create a print publication that would meet their goals. The team began by crafting a unique visual identity for Advantage, using bold colors and clear typography to create a clean, modern look that would appeal to seniors. They also created a content strategy that would provide readers with actionable advice on healthy living, covering topics like nutrition, exercise, and mental health.

To ensure that the content was accurate and up-to-date, Vincent Rios Creative collaborated with medical professionals from Torrance Memorial to review and approve all articles before publication. The team also conducted extensive research to find the latest studies and trends in senior health, ensuring that the information provided was both useful and relevant.


Advantage has been a great success, with over 100,000 residents of the South Bay Area regularly engaging with the publication. The newsletter has become a trusted source of information on senior health, providing readers with valuable advice on how to live a healthy and active lifestyle. The clear and engaging design has helped to set Advantage apart from other publications in the market, while the informative content has helped to establish Torrance Memorial as a leader in senior health. Thanks to Vincent Rios Creative’s expertise and attention to detail, Advantage has become an indispensable resource for seniors in the South Bay Area.


Torrance Memorial Medical Center

A Personal Connection

On a personal note, my own grandfather (88 years young) receives the publication by mail and loves to read it from cover to cover. He uses the provided information as a tool to help aid his daily life. From the calendar of events, classes and support groups, to the insightful articles, tips, book and podcast suggestions, Advantage has our senior community covered.

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