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The South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG) needed to update their existing newsletter with a more modern and professional look. They wanted to maintain their unique identity while improving the quality of their publication to better serve their community.


Hired by the SBCCOG, we were tasked to redesign and update their existing newsletter, South Bay Watch. Our team worked closely with the SBCCOG to understand their vision and goals for the publication. We conducted extensive research on their community, audience, and competitors to create a design that would serve their unique needs.

Our team managed the entire production process of the publication, from initial design to press-ready files. We utilized the latest design tools and techniques to create a modern, professional look that aligned with the SBCCOG’s brand identity. We also created a digital version of the publication for digital distribution, ensuring that the SBCCOG’s message could reach a wider audience.


The new South Bay Watch publication was a success, receiving positive feedback from the SBCCOG and their community. The updated design and layout improved the readability of the publication, making it more accessible to readers. The digital version also allowed for wider distribution and reach, increasing the SBCCOG’s visibility and impact. Overall, our work helped the SBCCOG better serve their community and achieve their goals through Partnership, Persuasion, Performance, and Advocacy.


South Bay cities council of governments

Bird in the Marsh

South Bay Watch

South Bay Watch is created four times a year for the client. Each issue has a set color scheme that was set using the clients brand color guidelines for a consistent and easy way to differentiate the four seasons of the calendar year.

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