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OnCenter Magazine


OnCenter, an internal staff publication for Torrance Memorial Medical Center’s physicians, staff, and volunteers, was in need of a redesign to bring the publication up to the level of the existing publications. The publication had lacked a cohesive design and a clear brand identity, and the content was not presented in a way that engaged the readers.


Vincent Rios Creative was brought in to redesign and publish OnCenter to elevate the look and feel of the magazine. Our team conducted research and interviews with the stakeholders to understand the publication’s audience and goals, and we proposed a new design that would reflect the mission and values of the medical center.

We started by developing a brand identity for the publication, including a new logo, typography, and color palette. We then created a layout that was easy to navigate and visually appealing, using high-quality images and infographics to highlight the most important stories.

We also worked with the editorial team to improve the content of the publication. We suggested new types of stories and features that would appeal to the readers, and we helped them develop a more consistent voice and tone throughout the publication.


The redesign of OnCenter was a massive success. The new design and content format were well received by the readership, and the publication quickly became a vital source of information for the staff and volunteers at Torrance Memorial Medical Center.

The new layout and brand identity also helped to increase the publication’s visibility and recognition within the medical center and beyond. OnCenter was soon recognized as a top internal publication in the healthcare industry.

Overall, the redesign of OnCenter was a significant accomplishment for Vincent Rios Creative, and we are proud to have helped Torrance Memorial Medical Center elevate their internal communications to a new level of excellence.


Torrance Memorial Medical Center

Clean and Minimalistic Design

We take a very clean and minimalistic approach to the design of OnCenter magazine. Our less is more approach to the layout allows the focus to be on the stories and beautiful imagery.

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