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by | Sep 26, 2022 | Blog

Sometimes here at the studio we like to play. I use the word play because we love what we do here and sometimes we forget that we are also working to make a living. We do test shoots from time to time to test new equipment, try new lighting techniques or in this case, to try out new features introduced in a cameras firmware update. The point here is to stay current with the equipment and technology while sharpening our skills as creatives. The worst thing you can do as a creative is to close your mind to new things or experiment with new technologies and software, that is a sure way to get left behind.

Today, there are so many different apps, plugins, and filters not to mention AI that are doing some amazing things for creative and non-creative professionals alike. Is this hurting the creative industry as a whole? Personally, I don’t think so. You wouldn’t hire someone to do your accounting just because they know how to use a calculator or someone to build a house for you just because they have a hammer, nails and a few tools. These are just that, tools to help you preform your job, you still have to know what you are doing in any profession to be effective in what you do. Same goes for the creative fields, that’s why we do test shoots to keep our skills current and up to date. Here is an example of a few shots from a recent test shoot I did with my assistant Alexandria. 

It’s nice to have access to someone to shot anytime you get the urge to take a few shots. If you’re a new model in the Los Angeles area get in touch with us, we may be able to get together and collaborate and create some beautiful images that help us and also help you build your portfolio as well. Anyway, hope you enjoy these shots of Alexandria.


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