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Pulse Magazine


Torrance Memorial Medical Center wanted to create a print publication that would showcase the latest medical advancements, while also highlighting patient success stories from the local community. The challenge was to create a magazine that would appeal to over 100 thousand residents in the South Bay Area and serve as a valuable resource for healthcare information.


Torrance Memorial Medical Center partnered with Vincent Rios Creative and its team of experienced writers and photographers to create Pulse Magazine. The magazine was designed with a clean and modern layout, featuring vibrant images and engaging content that would capture readers’ attention. The magazine’s editorial team worked closely with the medical center to identify the latest medical advancements and breakthroughs and share this information with readers.

Pulse Magazine also featured patient success stories from the local community. These stories highlighted the exceptional care provided by Torrance Memorial Medical Center, and how it made a difference in patients’ lives. The editorial team worked with patients to ensure their stories were told with compassion and respect, and that they would inspire and empower readers.

To ensure that the magazine reached its target audience, Torrance Memorial Medical Center and Vincent Rios Creative distributed Pulse Magazine throughout the South Bay Area. Each issue of Pulse magazine was mailed to over 100 thousand households, and was also available in medical offices and community centers throughout the area.


Since its launch, Pulse Magazine has become a valuable resource for healthcare information in the South Bay Area. Readers appreciate the magazine’s engaging content and beautiful design, and look forward to each new issue. The magazine has also helped to build awareness and trust in Torrance Memorial Medical Center, with readers sharing their positive experiences with friends and family.

Pulse Magazine has become a key component of Torrance Memorial Medical Center’s marketing strategy, helping to build its reputation as a leading healthcare provider in the South Bay Area. By showcasing the latest medical advancements and patient success stories, the magazine has become a powerful tool for educating and inspiring readers, while also driving new patient leads to the medical center.


Torrance Memorial Medical Center

Pulse-Summer-22-TOC. contains the contents of all that is in Pulse magazine for the summer 22 issue


Pulse reaches over 130,000 Households in the South Bay per issue


We produce, design, print, publish and mail pulse magazine 2x a year


Targeting the South Bay community to inform and educate them of the services offered at Torrance memorial

Looking for something delicious and healthy to eat?

Well look no further! Pulse magazine always features something healthy and delicious in our Healthy Bites section. Our Healthy Bites are always changing to offer you the best seasonal dishes that are easy to make, healthy, and delicious!

Community Benefits isn’t just a title

In every issue of Pulse magazine we feature people or places that are making a difference to better benefit the community and those that live in it.

Whether it’s teaching young children the importance of recycling or finding a place like the South Coast Botanic Gardens where nature is preserved in all its glory. Our goal is to present to you the beauty of the people and places in our community.

Not so secret garden locally near you in the South Bay, beauty and nature at your fingertips

Community VIP’s

One of the joys of laying out and publishing Pulse magazine is having the opportunity to meet, talk to, and photograph the many people that are making a difference in our community. 

Do you know of someone that could be considered a VIP? We would love to hear their story and share with the community. 

Laurie Porter

Smog City Brewery

Alex Abel


Derrick Abell

HS football Coach

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