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Emmy Wrap


Emmy Wrap magazine, published by The Wrap, Inc. Lead by Sharon Waxman, an American author, journalist, and blogger who has been a correspondent for The Washington Post and The New York Times, and founded the Hollywood and media business news site TheWrap in early 2009.

Our Role:

We were hired by The Wrap to re-design and manage their print publications for the Oscars and Emmys. Our responsibilities were to design, layout and manage the production process, coordinate and give creative direction for photoshoots as well as overseeing the press checks at the print house. We also attended live award shows and created marketing materials for The Grill, a live conference showcasing the talent in the Hollywood entertainment industry. 

Sofia Vergara Cover Emmy Wrap Magazine
Elisabeth Moss Cover Emmy Wrap Magazine

Emmy Wrap

Sofia Vergara shes in the money
Sofia Vergara air punch
the unkindest cut article
Steve Buschemi
Elisabeth Moss
Elisabeth Moss lady of the lake
the unkindest cut article
Kerry Washington story

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